Three Benefits of Zesty’s Headless CMS

A lot of people are talking about headless CMSs, but not everyone understands the benefits of using them.

Zesty’s headless cms is a great way to create a website that has all of the functionality you need, without being weighed down by unnecessary features. Here are some of the benefits of using Zesty’s headless cms:

#1 Flexibility

Headless CMS is a particularly flexible option for you if you want to create new sites and content types within your organization. Because the headless approach separates data from presentation, it’s easy to create new sites using the same CMS backend. You won’t have to worry about starting from scratch for every new site you launch—just add a theme or other design elements unique to each site, and then use the same CMS structure and content types across all of them!

This flexibility also makes headless an attractive option when building out multiple brands or brands within one company that share certain characteristics but need their own distinct look and feel. If you’re working on two separate brands with similar audiences but different branding needs (e.g., children’s books vs adult fiction), headless allows them both to be accessed through a single platform without having duplicate code bases or features like dedicated themes for each brand.

#2 Break up your monolith

Breaking up your monolith is hard work. You could try to do it yourself, or you could use a headless CMS.

A headless CMS gives you the ability to break up your monolithic application into smaller pieces. It’s like doing surgery on a patient: if you have a scalpel, everything will be okay; if not, well…you get the idea.

#3 Focus on content

One of the biggest benefits of a headless CMS is that it allows you to focus on creating great content without worrying about the technical aspects of your website. Your content should be king, after all—it’s the reason people come to your website in the first place.

With a headless CMS, you can spend more time focusing on creating high-quality content and less time worrying about building an entire site from scratch or wrestling with HTML tags and CSS stylesheets.

Use Zesty’s headless cms to get a lot of benefits.

Zesty’s headless CMS gives you a lot of flexibility. A traditional CMS creates a “head” that contains all of the logic and business rules, which makes it hard to break up your monolith. With a headless CMS, you can focus on content creation in one place and use different tools for different parts of your application (e.g., React for the front end and Scala/Play Framework for the backends).

A headless CMS can help you break your monolith apart into smaller, smarter pieces that work together seamlessly thanks to API-first architecture. This allows you to easily integrate with third-party tools like Slack or Google Calendar without having to build any integrations yourself!


I hope this post has helped you understand the benefits of using a headless CMS. It’s not just about breaking up your monolith or focusing on content, but it’s also about flexibility and being able to easily update your site. Headless is definitely the way of the future, so if you haven’t started using one yet then now is the time to use one, and Zesty’s headless cms is a great place to start!