Everything You Need To Know About SMS Marketing

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing exclusively uses SMS messages to communicate with your clients/customers. All you need to do is collect your customer numbers and put them in your personal account. Then you can send a text message to all your clients or a specific group at once. The length of the message can be up to 160 characters. If the user is unavailable, messages are saved and delivered later when the user becomes available. This type of marketing provides and guarantees a very high percentage of feedback from your customers. Text to win is experiencing real popularity

SMS is really cost-effective

The price of an SMS is negligible and is only a fraction of the price of a telephone conversation. SMS marketing offers you the opportunity to maintain contact with a huge number of clients with minimal investment of your valuable time, money, and human resources.

SMS has an instant effect

Mobile phones are always near us, and we rarely go anywhere without them, so your message will be delivered and seen within seconds.

SMS reaches a huge number of people

In our country, almost all people have mobile phones – there are twice as many mobile phone users as Internet users.

SMS marketing guarantees that the message will be noticed

SMS is a personal form of communication. By their nature, these text messages are short, which means that they will always be read in full. The message must be opened, even if people want to delete it.

SMS marketing is personal

Messages are sent to the client’s private numbers so that each of your clients has the impression that the message is intended for him. There is also an option to personalize mass messages. SMS marketing is direct and private.

Text to win SMS marketing service benefits:

  • Allow customers to receive all the information about the balance on their account by sending an SMS.
  • Allow your customers to check the status of their order by sending SMS account numbers, or add certain points to their account.
  • Allow your customers to easily get information about the price of goods or services or the state of stock directly from your database by sending a message.
  • Allow customers to order a specific product from you or just reserve it.
  • It allows you to communicate with customers and send them regular information relevant to your business.
  • It allows you to send coupons directly to your customers’ mobile phones with which they can get a discount when shopping.
  • It allows you to hold promotions and sweepstakes whenever you want.